Our College Science Scholars have been awarded many honors, received scholarships and fellowships and have had the chance to share their research in publications in journals and at conferences. Here are some notable examples:

Staige Davis - CLAS '14

  • Awarded "Best Undergraduate Oral Presentation" award at UVa's 30th Annual Environmental Sciences Student Research Symposium in January 2014. Presentation: "The enemy within: Differential resistance to internal parasites among common bumblebee hosts."
  • Malfi, R., Davis, S.E., & Roulston, T.H. Parasitoid flies induce grave-digging behavior in bumblebee hosts; some species make better victims. (In Press, Animal Behavior).

Julie Hong- CLAS '16

  • Hong J., Bernstein D.(2012). A review of drugs that induce or exacerbate psoriasis. Psoriasis Forum, 18(1), 2-11

Allison Meadows - CLAS '15

  • Meadows, A. and Kashatus, D. (January 2014). The role of PKCα in mitochondrial fission. Poster presented at the National Collegiate Research Conference, Cambridge, MA.

Nicholas Lee - CLAS '15

  • The O.W.L. Society's Research Journal Recognition (Spring 2014)
    College Small Research and Travel Grant (Spring 2014)
    College Council Fall Research Grant (Fall 2013)
    David A. Harrison III Undergraduate Research Award (2013-2014)
    U.Va. Summer Scholars Award, Charles Henry Leach, II Foundation (2012-2013)

Rebecca Walker -- CLAS '15

  • Harrison Award Recipient (2014) Small Research and Travel Grant (Dec. 2013)
  • Walker, R., Williams, C. MacLean, R., Epstein, H., Vanderhoof, M. Spatial analysis of early successional, temperate forest community structure. Poster presented at the American Geophysical Union 2013 Annual Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA.

Richad Becker CLAS '14

  • Echols Ingrassia Grant (Summer 2013)
  • Andrade J, Quinn J, Becker RZ, Shupnik MA. “AMP-Activated Protein Kinase is a Key Intermediary in GnRH-Stimulated LHβ Gene Transcription”. Mol Endocrinol. 2013 27: 828-839.

Caleigh Azumaya - CLAS '13

  • Harrison Undergraduate Research Award 2012/2013
  • Hubbard C, McNamara JT, Azumaya C, Patel MS, Zimmer J. The hyaluronan synthase catalyzes the synthesis and membrane translocation of hyaluronan. Journal of Molecular Biology 2012

Kristen Wilmoth - CLAS'13

  • Harrison Undergraduate Research Award 2012/2013
  • Corson, J., Aldridge, A., Wilmoth, K., & Erisir, A. (2012). A survey of oral cavity afferents to the rat nucleus tractus solitarii. The Journal of Comparative Neurology, 520(3), 495-527
  • Wilmoth, K., Bochorishvili, G., Fu, A., Mukherjee, S., Action, S., & Erisir, A. (2012, October). Cataloging Structural Deterioration In Aging Sensory Neurons Using High Resolution Golgi Stain Analysis. Poster session presented at the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience, New Orleans, LA.
  • Fu, A., Holtz, S., Loflin, W., Wilmoth, K., Corson, J., & Erisir, A. (2011, November). Ultrastructural morphology and synaptic organization of the gustatory thalamus. Poster session presented at the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience, Washington, D.C.

Danley Hsu - CLAS'13

  • 221st Meeting of the American Astronomical Society (AAS) Meeting

Adrian Mead - CLAS'15

  • 221st Meeting of the American Astronomical Society (AAS) Meeting

Harrison Undergraduate Research Awards

We are pleased to discover a large number of our College Science Scholars were awarded the Harrison Research awards for independent research summer of 2011. 24 students in the University were chosen for this honor and will receive a $3000 stipend.

Recipients were:

  • Zachary Collier
  • Jacqueline Hodges
  • Sarah Kim
  • Kristin Wilmoth
  • Vladislav Sviderskiy

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Monica Li

Monica has received a Beckman Scholarship the year of 2011. She is researching transition metal complexes to convert aromatic molecules to new and potentially bioactive organic compounds. Her research is supervised by Prof. Dean Harman.

Vladislav Sviderskiy

Vlad has received a Beckman Scholarship in 2011. He is investigating synthesizing and testing transition metal catalysts for their ability to perform water oxidation. The goal is to being able to convert solar energy into chemical fuels. His research is supervised by Professors T. Brent Gunnoe and W. Dean Harman.

Mitchell Leibowitz

Mitchell has been included on the following research publications:

  • Quinlan AR, Clark RA, Sokolova S, Leibowitz ML, Zhang Y, Hurles ME, Mell JC, Hall IM. 2010. Genome-wide mapping and assembly of structural variant breakpoints in the mouse genome. Genome Res 20: 623-635.
  • Quinlan AR, Boland MJ, Leibowitz ML, Shumilina S, Pehrson SM, Baldwin KK, Hall IM. 2011. Paired-end DNA sequencing of induced pluripotent stem cell genomes reveals rare structural mutations and retroelement stability. Under Review.

Mitchell has been accepted to work in the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) under the Undergraduate Research Program (URP) this summer. There were 25 slots with over 700 applicants. He will be doing research under the direction of the genomist, Dick McCombie, who was involved in sequencing the cacao, rice, maize, arabidopsis, human, mouse, and many other genomes. One of the perks of the URP is the opportunity to have dinner with Dr. James D. Watson (Chancellor Emeritus of CSHL and co-discoverer of the structure of DNA) and his wife in their home.

Jacqueline Hodges

Jacqueline Hodges will be presenting her research at the Biophysical 55th Annual Meeting in Baltimore, Maryland as a poster:

  • "The Characterization of the Binding of Opacity-Associated Proteins to Human Host Cell Receptors" by Hodges, J., Dewald, A., Columbus, L..

She has also been a recipient of the Harrison grant for the summer of 2011.

Graduating 4th years - CLAS '10

Elizabeth Bendycki, B.S.

I am able to pursue a doctoral degree in Cognitive Neuroscience straight out of college because of the preparation I have received from CSS. Our seminars encouraged me to become a Research Assistant in a psychology lab during my first year: as a result, I have seven semesters of research experience, which is practically unheard of in the psychology department. The skills I have gained from working in three different psychology labs, from participant recruitment to data collection and analysis, qualify me to begin my graduate career.

I also remain grateful to CSS for generously providing me with a summer stipend to carry out independent research related to my senior Distinguished Majors Project. Having the opportunity to spend a summer at UVA working in the lab allowed me to pursue my research in a depth and breadth that could not have been achieved during the school year. Consequently, my thesis is polished enough to be presented at conferences the summer of 2010 and hopefully be published in a journal.

Charles Dyer, B.A.

The College Science Scholars program is a rare and exceptional resource for undergraduates interested in research. Through introducing me to professors, aiding my search for a lab and mentor, creating opportunities to present my work, and funding infectious disease research in Singapore, CSS has successfully created a small-school learning environment in an otherwise intimidating large research university. As a fourth year living in one of the rooms on Mr. Jefferson's Lawn, I look back and recognize the integral role CSS has played in my successes as an undergraduate.

Kara Morgenstern, B.S.

College Science Scholars has been an enlightening and valuable experience for me at UVA. I have been involved in science research since early in high school, and the scholars program allowed me to harness that interest, and excitement for scientific discovery, and continue my research in college. As an undergraduate, I have been involved in four substantial research projects culminating in being awarded a Research Grant to continue my work regarding speech pathology and Alzheimer's patients. College Science Scholars provided me with a platform to explore and participate in cutting edge research that will benefit other scholars, as well as my professional development.

Thuan Nguyen

Awesome research opportunities,generous summer stipends, and invaluable mentorship! I'm very grateful and proud to be a College Science Scholar!

Joceline Vu

I just want to thank the College Science Scholars program so much for everything it helped me achieve. One of the most important experiences I've had during college has been what I've learned and accomplished in conducting research. It really is a unique learning experience that has taught me so much, outside of basic research techniques (which is important in and of itself!), but also about working long hours, persistence, and looking at problems from different perspectives. I would never have thought to get involved in research as early as I did if it had not been for the Science Scholars program and your encouragement, and I don't believe I would have known what benefit I would have gotten from it as a first year. If I ever need to tell anyone why this program is important, I'll say that it got me excited and involved early enough that I had the time and experience to conduct independent research. So, a huge thank you for everything!